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Tasmanian Mountain Pepper (Tasmannia lanceolata) berries and leaf - a unique and versatile spicy flavour and extremely high in anti-oxidants.

Try them with your sweets and be pleasantly surprised. See our Recipes page.

Why we sell Pepper Berries and how our business came into being.

To provide a new quality product without harming the environment.

To create a source of income ethically and sustainably while providing innovative, quality and highly nutritious food to the public.

Bush foods (or native foods) belong in our environment and require very little in the way of inputs apart from what is naturally available, if they are grown where they naturally occur. Tasmanian Mountain Pepper Berries have a high anti-oxidant content, 3-4 times that of the benchmark blueberries. We don't use any chemicals whatsoever and use natural animal and plant inputs such as bone-meal, kelp and manure.

Tasmanian Mountain Pepper tree (female), grown using only natural animal and plant inputs and no chemicals whatsoever.

Ethics, conservation and sustainability are the main reasons we have chosen to grow our own trees in a plantation. We grow them because they belong here, and by doing so we don't destroy the forests collecting the fruits and leaves from the trees that remain in the rainforests.

Why Tasmania and why Tasmanian Mountain Pepper Berries?

Back then in the late 1990s there wasn't much around in the way of bush foods regarding availability to the general public, but a bit of research had been done on a few species. Of the 'top ten bush foods' I saw that the Tasmanian Mountain Pepper was one of them.
It has been a long journey to establish the plantation. Unlike bush foods of mainland Australia, not much information was available and very little research had been done regarding Tasmanian bush foods. We have learned much along the way.