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Why do we Air-Dry our Berries for storage, rather than freeze-dry them?
You can't use freeze-dried Berries in a grinder. Also, you can store more Air-Dried Pepper Berries in a smaller space. We slowly remove the water content from the Berries, leaving you with just the Berry. It takes approximately 4Kgs of Fresh Pepper Berries to make just 1Kg of Air-Dried Pepper Berries, that's 4 to 1. Compare our prices at a fraction of the cost to freeze-dried Berries.
How can Tasmanian Mountain Pepper Berries be used?
Tasmanian Mountain Pepper Berries can be used as a direct substitute for traditional Pepper in savouries, pastas, bread, soups, curries, cheeses (particularly goat - marinated Fetta), egg dishes AND sprinkled over sweets like chocolate and fudge, in cream and ice-cream and on top of frothy hot chocolate, latte or cappuccino for a unique spicy peppermint flavour. While you're here have a look at our recipes page and please enjoy the fruits of our labour.


Whole Fresh Berries
Available seasonally during harvest February to April each year.


Whole Air-Dried Berries (1Kg = approximately 4Kgs Fresh Berries)


Ground Air-Dried Berries (photo to be updated)

 Whole Air-Dried Berries - Grinder 35gm
Refill 35gm

Ground Air-Dried Berries - Shaker 35gm
Refill 35gm

 Native Pepper & Lemon Myrtle - Shaker 35gm
Refill 35gm